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Grab your own hair and adventure

posted by Affle on February 12th, 2013, 10:39 pm

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>rip off your clothes; revert to animal instincts

...the animal instincts that you inherited from your early hominid ancestors

...e.g., diddy kong

posted by drmarat on February 12th, 2013, 11:00 pm

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Stand around some more. What has adventure ever done for you?

posted by uristMcdwarf (Guest) on February 12th, 2013, 11:03 pm

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>Try to find a weapon.

posted by Blank (Guest) on February 13th, 2013, 3:27 am

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>Be a classmate

posted by Karg (Guest) on February 13th, 2013, 8:09 pm

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